,2 de Enero de 2017

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 Todos para el Tango Vol.2  

 Alfredo Pereyra  

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  Prestigious bandoneoníst, director, composer and producer vastly known by the lovers of tango everywhere in the world, presents his new sound in this CD called "La esperanza" and it contains 17 Tracks.

In the 4 first bands. You will perceive how the Maestro's quartet sounded.
In bands 5 and 6, you will notice how he is changing his loudness.
From the 7 to the 16 Tracks, you will appreciate his talent with a total loudness of shades and colors.
And as a bonus in the 17, a song that the public request to him at every presentation: Ave María of F.Schubert, in a bandoneón solo.
Enjoy this album that contains majority of tracks in quality of absolute openings, that get height by his magical bandoneón's wings .

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  1 Pablo                   by: José Martinez
  2 La esperanza                    by: E.Baffa-Saúl Drajer (canta C.Garcés)
  3 Quejas de bandoneón                   by: Juan de Dios Filiberto
  4 Milonga p'al fileteador    by: E.Baffa-Saúl Drajer (canta C.Garcés)
  5 Con punto y coma   by: E.Baffa
  6 Al amigo Daniel Lombardi   by: E.Baffa
  7 De bandoneón a bandoneón                   by: E.Baffa
  8 El Ciclón   real     mp3     by: Juan Antonio Morteo
  9 Volviendo al ayer                   by: Oscar De Elía-Salvador Grecco
  10 Color esperanza                   by: E.Baffa
  11 Al amigo Salvador Grecco   by: E.Baffa-S.Grecco
  12 Cambiando figuritas   real     mp3     by: Juan Antonio Morteo
  13 Obsesión                   by: E.Baffa-S.Grecco
  14 Bien tangueado   by: E.Baffa
  15 Al amigo Adolfo Pedernera   by: E.Baffa
  16 Sanateando   by: E.Baffa-S.Grecco
  17 Ave María   de F.Schubert                        by: F. Schubert ( bandoneón solo)

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