,2 de Enero de 2017

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 Todos para el Tango Vol.2  

 Alfredo Pereyra  

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Welcome to our Website!  We wish to reach to all the people who enjoy the music, and to invite them to know and listen to our productions, absolutely new, and by hierarchy interpreters. Many are known in the world. And others deserve to be known too.                                                                                                                                                   
  Todos Para el Tango Vol. 1  
Todos para el 

Tango Vol.1



  Ernesto Baffa  
Ernesto Baffa

  Todos  para el Tango Vol.2  
  Héctor Esteban Páez  

  Alfredo Pereyra  
Alfredo Pereyra

  Daniel Cortés  

  Total Death  

Juan Antonio Morteo



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