,2 de Enero de 2017

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 Title:  Secret of state                                                

From Valencia (Spain) they join our index, and we give a cordial welcome to this group, which stamp to their performances the whole fury of the rock, with pure blood, and without any grant. In this CD is included a videoclip, where you can enjoy Total Death performing: "Corruption"


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  Devastación                    by: Jorge Vila Sapiña 
  2 Corrupción                   by: Jorge V. Sapiña-Fco. R. Tapia 
  3 Punto Final                   by: José C. Garrido-Jorge V. Sapiña
  4 Cultura   by: Jorge Vila Sapiña
  5 Hijo de la Guerra   by: Jorge Vila Sapiña
  6 España Va Bien   by: Jorge Vila Sapiña
  7 El Poder                   by: Jorge Vila Sapiña
  8 Nacido para Esclavizar                 by: Francisco Ramos Tapia
  9 Defensores de la Paz                 by: Jorge Vila Sapiña 

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